Country Music Singer Jacky Jack White Releases 'Justified'

Jun 27 2022

Country Music singer and songwriter Jacky Jack White is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Justified.” Released on Sucarnochee Records, "Justified" was written by Jacky Jack White and Richard Gordon Courtney and produced by Bob Angello.

"Justified”, is a story-song about an old cowboy on a cattle drive who dreams of eternity then tells the dream to a young trail-hand.

White explains, “I’ve always been a huge fan of western movies, cowboys and horses. I even started riding horses before I turned three years of age. Well one night I was watching “Ride the High Country” a great western movie with Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott. McCrea spoke a line in the movie that said, ‘I just want to go to my house, justified. It's amazing as a songwriter certain lines or phrases stay with us for years. Well, that line certainly stuck with me".

Jacky Jack White has written hit songs in multiple genres recorded by Ray Stevens, Charley Pride, Buddy Jewell, Steve Wariner, Neal McCoy, Chip Greene, Carl Ray, Anna Grace Tamburello, and Mark Lowery. Recently, White co-wrote the number one Christian Country song on the Cash Box Charts, “I Stand With This Country” with Carl Ray. White also co-wrote “At the Waterfall” with Nancy Harvell recorded by Anna Grace Tamburello that went to # 6 on the Christian Country Cash Box Charts.

White received the ASCAP Award for Steve Wariner’s “If I Didn’t Love You;” a NSAI Award for the #1 Southern Gospel song, “When Men Pray”, co-wrote Charley Pride’s “For Today” with David Slater; and co-wrote one of his biggest songs with David Slater titled " Exchange Of Hearts.” “Exchange of Hearts” is one of the most successful international hits of the last twenty-five years.

Additionally, White received the Fellowship in Music's Alabama State Council of the Arts recognizing his musical and educational contributions throughout the Southeast Region.

White is also the founder/host of the long-running Sucarnochee Revue, which is performed at the historic Temple Theater in Meridian, Mississippi. The Revue has been broadcasted over Alabama and Mississippi public television stations, as well as radio across several states and markets. The Revue provides a platform for some of the best talent and most famous musical artists who have gone on to achieve great success in the Country Music industry. Such as Track 45, William Michael Morgan, Skylar, and John Byron Calton. Finally, Hit Maker Ben Johnson said it best. "Jacky Jack White is not only a champion of talent but he is a talent. Furthermore, Jacky Jack has the ability to write across multiple genres with authentic lyrics and memorable melodies.

Jack lives in Livingston, Alabama where he pastors Livingston Church of Christ.

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