Tiffany Parker Releases Single Inspired By Overcoming Chronic Illness And The Strength She Finds In Jesus

Jun 06 2022

Rising artist Tiffany Parker is set to release her newest single, 'Try'. The single is an anthemic Christian pop song inspired by the Christian faith that kept Parker going amidst her decade-long journey through severe chronic illness. "Try" is filled with both deep vulnerability and uplifting hope.

"My prayer for this song and sharing my testimony is to show people that no matter what you face, there is hope and a God-given purpose for your life," Parker said. "To encourage people to keep moving forward towards an abundant life no matter where they find themselves. For them to see a vision of a future. For them to believe again."

Parker is often asked how she keeps going through trials and tribulations. Her simple answer is Jesus. As the artist and songwriter, Tiffany Parker beautifully articulates this in the lyrics of the single:

So why
Do I still try
It’s cause of you that I won’t give up (up)
It’s cause of you that I get back up (up)
Because of you
Because of you
I’ll fight
I try

Parker hopes "Try" inspires listeners to believe again and go after God's call for their life - knowing that God is not done with them yet and that He has abundant life filled with purpose planned for them. She desires to connect with the hearts of people who need hope and strength to get up and keep going, even when life is pressing in. She can be found sharing her own personal story on her website You can also connect with her on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Listen to and share "Try" to help the message reach, encourage, inspire and empower a new generation to rise above and walk on top of their challenging moments and circumstances.

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