Wind and Sail Announce Release of 'Timeless' Single

Jun 06 2022

Wind and Sail is the dynamic combination of Graham and Abby Allen. The married music duo call coastal New Hampshire their home. Their debut alt-rock single, 'Timeless' is set to be released on June 17.

Their music pulls from a colorful sonic palette, spanning from the indie-rock scene to the singer-songwriter conversation.

Their songs are characterized by a mesmerizing fabric of tight vocal harmonies and textured guitar and piano parts. You’ll find atmospheric soundscapes dancing with heartfelt lyricism, and gently yearning acoustics living in parallel with energetic and driving moments.

At times anthemic and upbeat, at other moments mysterious, and sometimes a little sassy, Wind and Sail is not afraid to take risks. The duo is working with Grammy-nominated producer Jeremy S.H. Griffith on their debut EP, Wild Edge, which explores some of the “in-betweens” of life - between who we are and who we want to be, between how things are and how we wish they were. The first single, “Timeless,” will be released on 6/17/22. In parallel, the pair is crafting a self-produced collection of gentle meditations, all lyrically derived from Scripture. The first, “All Things Together,” will be released 6/24/22.

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