Citizens Release New Single 'Everything and More', Announces Sixth Album

May 07 2022

Citizens have been writing songs that tell true and relatable stories since the beginning. The Seattle-born alternative band don’t shy away from writing lyrics and melodies that reach deep places in their audience’s souls. They bring people together around vulnerability and acceptance, and their new single ‘Everything And More’, announcing a brand new album later this year, continues to invite us into the journey of faith Citizens candidly explore through songs.

Everything And More’ emerged as lead singer Zach Bolen sat at the piano, “when I think back on it,” he says, “this song was a springboard for discovery.” From this moment, every song came from living in a space of revelation and admission that perhaps God was bigger than one could possibly know.

Citizens introducing their upcoming project with this song is no coincidence, ‘Everything And More’ is only the tip of the iceberg of Zach’s journey of unlearning and reimagining the scope in which he, and in turn we, view God.

Sonically, the new single expands on this concept with a soundtrack full of surprises. From starting on a sound bed of compressed piano and fresh beats, ‘Everything And More’ grows into an expansive track where layers of 80s synths, dreamy strings and echoing voices of Zach’s kids yelling in the background collide into a song oozing with fun and creativity. Citizens inspire us to reconsider our perception of the Divine with music that pushes the boundaries of what “Church music” usually sounds like. “Imaginations are crazy, but they give us something to aspire to. In this case for me it was expanding the walls that I’ve boxed God into,” Zach adds.

With a new single kicking off a new season of music for them, Citizens aspire to bring people a smile. To find joy in the impossible and the mystery. ‘Everything And More’ turns our gaze to the beauty of the life found in God, one where millions of tiny miracles happen every day; one where hope can be found in the heartache, too. “For me this song is about my own deeper discovery of God, but I want the listener to hear it through their own perspective,” Zach concludes. ‘Everything And More’ echoes with the same passion Citizens have been carrying from day one: making space for people to ask, seek and be, in vulnerability and acceptance.

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