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After months of anticipation, Citizens release their 6th album, 'I Can’t Find The Edges Of You'. A Seattle-born alternative band that never seem to compromise on their signature soundscape, this album pushes the boundaries of any pre-existing idea of what “Church music” should be like.

In adhering closely to frontman Zach Bolen's words, "This is a record for the lost, last and least", they encourage renewed trust in a God who is the very definition of mystery. This unique experience from Citizens offers a comforting reminder of the power of letting...
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Citizens - A Thousand Shores EP
Jul 07 2022

Citizens - A Thousand Shores EP

Our Featured Album of the week is Citizens's 'A Thousand Shores'.Title:A Thousand Shores EPArtist:CitizensReleased:01 Jul 2022Article: 'A Thousand Shores', the new EP from Citizens, is out today. The latest release from the…



Citizens - Citizens
Apr 08 2013

Citizens - Citizens

When Zach Bolen began working at the Mars Hill U-district campus he started reconstructing the worship teams that played there, and in the process built a band of his own. Together with Nate Garvey, Adam Skatula, Nathan Furtado…


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