French Synthwave Project SPES INVICTA Releases 'Signe de Contradiction'

May 20 2022

SPES INVICTA has just released an ambitious track that mixes Synthwave with Baroque influences, titled 'Signe de contradiction' ('Sign Of Contradiction'). It is the third single from French Synthwave project SPES INVICTA (formerly known as "70"). It features a brand new style of Synthwave, called Rococowave. It's a genre that mixes 80's synths, heavy Synthwave production, and Baroque influences.

With clever arrangements like strings, horns, harpsichord and synthesizers, it paints a vivid musical landscape, giving us a glimpse of what could have happened musically if the Baroque era never ended.

Thematically, this track is about Jesus as a sign of contradiction, as written in Luke 2:34. It reminds us that "sign of contradiction" might be "a distinctive definition of Christ and of his Church". And with this epic track SPES INVICTA helps us endure being such a sign -"a sign that is spoken against"- as the more we are united to God, the more we face opposition in this world.

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