Mikey Powell Releases 'Is There Anything Too Hard For You' Ahead of Worship EP

Mar 21 2022

Mikey Powell is back with the final single from his upcoming worship EP. 'Is There Anything Too Hard For You' is an uplifting worship anthem - a declaration of faith in God's power to change lives and turn situations around. This is a particularly timely song in our fraught world.

Mikey likes to write. Mostly, he like writing songs. And then singing them. Songs about hopes and doubts and dreams. Songs about love. Songs about procrastination. Songs about messing up. Songs about his old housemate, Ben Amos. Songs about the pain of stepping on a Lego Brick. 

He also writes songs and sings them in church. This is what he does most of at the moment. Over the past couple of years he has released 4 singles with Homegrown Worship that you can find here. He's currently working on the aforementioned worship EP. Keep a weather eye on the horizon.

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