Hard Rock Band Voices of Verity Release 'Out of My Head (Remix)'

Feb 18 2022

Christian Hard Rock band, Voices of Verity, from Chicago, have released their new single 'Out Of My Head (Remix)'.

It was a sunny, crisp, midwestern October day in 2018. The leaves had turned to their fall colors and Jeff Krause and Mike Pounovich had taken their families to the local pumpkin farm to prepare for Halloween. Little did they know that on that fateful day Voices of Verity would be born.

Jeff was a staple in the Chicago music scene. His bands could be heard playing around the area on a weekly basis. Mike had gone on to play in his own bands during that time and had started writing and working on his own music. Both had stayed close, looking for an opportunity to once again share the stage. Then, on that brisk autumn day, Jeff approached Mike with an idea he had brewing. An all original Christian heavy rock band.

Bass player Mark Gontarz is another veteran of the local Chicago music scene. Mark had been playing bass in and out of bands since the 80’s. “Redemption” was released in October 2020 almost 2 years to the day Jeff had first approached Mike.

While the pandemic has put a hold on many things across the globe Voices of Verity has forged ahead. In the coming months they continue to work on all new material. They are planning new releases throughout the year and are looking forward to getting on the stage once again in 2022.

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