Mawcore Release Hard Rock Psalm 'My Defense'

Feb 08 2022

Mawcore has released their newest hard hitting single with 'My Defense,' a track that directly lyrically draws on Psalm 62. The song was produced by Chris George and Lori Peters George of Ocean Studios.

“In this passage, we found a person who has been forced out onto a cliff with the enemy coming to get them,” Mawcore singer Joshua Redding says of Psalm 62. “When you dig deep, you see that it’s a cliff of refuge. The writer refers to God as his Rock or Cliff. In his time of trouble, the psalmist is placed on this cliff of refuge where he can stay while God takes care of his troubles.”

Musically, the song originally took the form of an ambient, acoustic, scripture-based song that guitarist Jeff Redding had written. Even stripped back to the foundations and rebuilt as a rock song, that ambient approach proved perfect for crafting a musical display case for the lyrics. “This song is definitely more about music providing a pad that help bring the words into foreground,” Joshua shares. “At its musical core, ‘My Defense’ is a straightforward rock song. But the core is the lyrical content, which we feel Chris George did a great job bringing into focus.”

Mawcore has previously worked with Ocean Studios on tracks like “Rise Up,” which impacted CMW’s Christian Rock chart throughout the second half of 2021. The studio, which is operated by Lori Peters George (formerly of Skillet) and her husband Chris George, has proved to be a good fit for Mawcore’s creative approach. Joshua says, “They definitely understand music as an artform. They approach each song as its own unique expression.”

My Defense” sets the stage for more songs to come from Mawcore in 2022. The band is currently working on crafting an EP as a precursor to a full length album, while exploring opportunities for live shows. However the details pan out, Mawcore believes “My Defense” is the perfect way to set the stage.

“No matter what actually comes to fruition for us, we know that 2022 will be a year of hope and life,” Joshua attests. “We will trust in the cliff moments, knowing that when God sees it is best, He will move us down the path He wants us on.”

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