Saint Dru Releases New Album 'Glory to God'

Feb 10 2022

With all that’s going on today, while overcoming our personal storms we should give God the Glory. Gospel rap music artist, Saint Dru does just that as he introduces his third full album, that is 'Glory to God' releasing February 2, 2022.

Andrew Smith, also known as Saint Dru, is the Lead Minister at Gospel Enjoyment Ministries. GEM is a non-profit organization ministry with a mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making music to promote the word of God to all. From a young age, Saint Dru discovered his interest for music. Both his love for God and enthusiasm for rap led him to incorporate the Word of God with his work for the genre.

Since he made the move to become a recording Gospel artist, Saint Dru has released albums and tracks, including Everything for You - 1st single (2016), Born Again - 1st full album (2017), Baby Steps - EP (2018), Salvation - 2nd full album (2019), Love Chapter 2 - EP & King David - single (2020).

Glory to God (2022) is an album that extols God the creator of all things. Even when men fell, God gave his only Son to correct man’s error. He is a God that delivers from all evil, provides for his people, and takes care of the essentials every single time. He deserves praise, acknowledgement, and worship. It’s evident that this album is about glorifying God with all-inclusive works of fire lyrics, praising God for all that he has done, and telling of his goodness.

The 1st 4 tracks kick off with Praise and worship in the attempt to encapsulate praise and worship into rap form. Saint Dru delivered on “Hallelujah “and on giving God the “highest praise” to tickle the ear of Saint Dru’s #1 listener - God. Then there is “Worship”, together with one of Gospel music’s finest voices Drea Randle. The 5th track on the Album is a testimony of Saint Dru proclaiming the acts of Jesus in his life & deliverance. After that, “Way maker” as Saint Dru doubles down on declaring God’s good works. Way maker accompanies Jazzarus and C.O.R.D as they all captivate with their spirit-filled lyrics and bless the mic. Joined with good chemistry by Jesse Campbell on “Favor”. Jesse’s singing really brings flavor, shines through, and compliments the track nicely.

The “Glory to God” album showcases the talent of producer Genuine Life. Genuine life, a beat making savant, produced all the tracks on the “Glory to God” album. Songs like Heaven, Wisdom, destined for greatness really show his expertise and diversity. “Tamron the first” beat producer collabs with Genuine life as David & Tiffany Spencer joins in on the track “Glory to God” to finalize the playlist.

Saint Dru will also be releasing his fourth full album in the summer of 2022, namely “Who Am I”.

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