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With all that’s going on today, while overcoming our personal storms we should give God the Glory. Gospel rap music artist, Saint Dru does just that as he introduces his third full album, that is 'Glory to God' releasing February 2, 2022.

Andrew Smith, also known as Saint Dru, is the Lead Minister at Gospel Enjoyment Ministries. GEM is a non-profit organization ministry with a mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making music to promote the word of God to all. From a young age, Saint Dru...
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Rapper Saint Dru Releases Free 'Baby Steps' EP
Oct 11 2018

Rapper Saint Dru Releases Free 'Baby Steps' EP

Chicago based Gospel Writer & Rapper Saint Dru has released his 'Baby Steps' EP as a free download on NoiseTrade. The four-track 'Baby Steps EP' features 'Love', an unreleased track with Saint Dru and Corey who are currently…

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