Jeff Platts Considers The Unborn Child In 'Please Don't Let Them'

Jan 06 2022

Marking January's Sanctity of Human Life month, Jeff Platts, a singer/songwriter/guitar player in southern Idaho, has released his newest single 'Please Don’t Let Them' The song is written from the perspective of an unborn child pleading with his mother who is considering an abortion.

"What if an unborn child whose mother is considering an abortion could speak to her mother? What would the child say? That's what Please Don't Let Them is all about. This song is of a very personal nature. The song does nor advocate for changes to laws, it does not take sides (pro-life vs pro choice) and it doesn't cast blame. It's simply a plea from the person whose life will be most severely affected by the final decision."

The new song is the title track from Jeff's forthcoming new album, which he hopes to release by the spring or early summer of 2022.

Discussing his music in an interview with Louder Than The Music, Jeff explains that his songs contain an important truth. "The message that consistently threads through my songs is that believing in the salvation that comes from believing in Jesus isn't all that complicated, as some would have you think. Also, the concept that Christian believers shouldn't fear anything, including death is prominent in my songs. The importance of trusting God with everything, the result of which is peace of mind, is also a huge part of my music.

Jeff's musical roots lie in country-rock and southern blues. He writes Christian songs and performs his original songs at various venues.

On April Fool's Day 1999 Jeff fell off a roof onto a concrete driveway shattering his left elbow. The orthopedic surgeon told him his guitar playing days were over. But the doctor was proven wrong, because God wasn't finished with Jeff yet.

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