Pop/Rock Band Amongst Wolves Release '#ChooseToLive' Album

Nov 01 2021

Manchester (UK) based pop/rock band Amongst Wolves release their latest album '#ChooseToLive'. Formed in 2016, the four -piece band are comprised of Dan Jenkins (singer), Mark Wakefield (guitar), Andy Wells (drums) & Clarissa Wakefield (bass). The album is named after the social media campaign the band launched in January 2021, to directly addresses the dramatic rise in mental health issues and suicidal thoughts that young people are expressing.

Using evocative lyrics, the album journeys through the lows of life and the struggles of mental health, but also the reasons to keep on going. The album was inspired by the single ‘Voices’ - a powerful anti-suicide track, boasting direct and heartfelt lyrics such as “There is nothing romantic about suicide, don't you believe it, it's a filthy lie, ain't no beautiful way to take your life, Jesus already made the sacrifice” - a track that strikes an emotional chord for all who listen.

The song epitomises the purpose of the album - to prevent suicide, to start a conversation about mental health, and to point to the source of their Christian faith, Jesus, who inspires hope in each of them. If you want genre spanning jams, driving guitars, and catchy pop melodies - then the new Amongst Wolves album #ChooseToLive is definitely for you.

The album is out on all platforms on 29th October 2021 .

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