Crossway Worship's New Single Inspired By Greatest Artist of All Time

Oct 11 2021

Crossway Worship's new single, 'Future Hope', tells of the master artist's work in our lives as He collects our broken pieces and makes us new. The song was released at midnight on Spotify, Apple and YouTube Music.

'Future Hope' is an upbeat track brimming with spiritual inspiration. It is a shot of hope for the heart; bringing encouragement and faith to those who are broken, shattered and feel like they're beyond repair.

'Future Hope' is the first single of Crossway Worship's upcoming EP, 'Kintsugi', to be released via streaming platforms on 19 November 2021. Unique artwork and poetic prose have been developed alongside each track to allow listeners to engage in a truly collaborative creative arts experience.

Music director and songwriter, Tim Thong, said that 'Future Hope' speaks of the master artist's miraculous, restorative work in our lives.

"Because of COVID-19, we're all feeling pretty battered and bruised by life right now. And some of us have been brought low by significant personal challenges during this season.

"When people listen to Future Hope, we pray they'll be filled with a new sense of faith and wonder for God's good works in our lives. We want to remind listeners that He sees our broken pieces and can and will make us new".

Crossway Worship is a ministry of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne, Victoria. The group released its debut studio album, Closer Further, last year and exists to bring people into closer relationship with Jesus through music.

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