Rising Artist NEDY Releases Anti-Bullying Inspired 'Made To Be'

Sep 24 2021

Rising inspirational singer/songwriter NEDY recently released her tour edition video for her latest single, 'Made To Be', with a remix version also due soon. After years of relentless bullying, NEDY finally speaks her mind in 'Made to Be'.

"I wrote 'Made To Be' after going through a hard time in my life", she explains. "I experienced criticism and hatred from the people I worked with for just being my own person. It’s through that time though that I learned, it didn’t matter what anyone said or thought of me, it just mattered that I was made special for a reason and that God's opinion of me never changes."

NEDY set up 'Friends Forever Club', which just became an official 501c3, an online anti-bullying forum that was created in an effort to end childhood bullying through gentle discussion, and exists as a friend to those confronted with hatred first-hand. This club is a safe space for children and youth but also adults alike with self-doubt fueled by the trauma of bullying; it is a place to be heard and a place to be understood.

With anti-bullying month coming up in October, NEDY has featured on People Magazine, Newsmax, Fox 5 Las Vegas, and more, to discuss the not for profit organization. "Who would have guessed that going through being bullied as a kid in school then as an adult from some of my own co-workers and managers would lead me to be featured on People", she adds.

There have always been those whose hearts dance to the beat of a different drum, those who see the world in a different way, and those who find our differences far more beautiful than our similarities. NEDY is one of those people. Armed with an enchanting spirit and a musical talent that is nothing short of stunning, NEDY is an inspirational pop artist poised to lead her loyal fandom into a brighter future. Her new single 'Made to Be' now serves as the cornerstone to a new chapter in her career, in which her artistic soul never again tries to mold into someone else’s expectations. THIS is the music that NEDY has waited a lifetime to create.

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