Tom Prowse Releases Remix of 'Timing' By Ezriella

Sep 23 2021

Tom Prowse, an Australian Christian artist/producer, has just released a remix of a track called 'Timing' by Ezriella. "If you feel confused or uncertain and ever wish that God would give you more details about what he's doing, where you're going or what is happening around you... then this is the song for you", Tom explains. "This song is a moody, atmospheric vibe that I had so much fun making."

During university Tom developed a keen interest in recording and mixing. He has spent the last several years practicing and growing that craft. While jazz is his first love Tom enjoys all kinds of music and has collaborated with singer-songwriters, churches and many other kinds of artists to bring their vision to life.

Tom believes the best art comes from a combination of passion, fun and thoughtfulness. God is infinitely creative and impossible to fully know, yet we discover him more and more as we spend the time to uncover his mysteries in his word. Good Christian music is supposed to help that process, providing nourishing ideas and messages to digest and uncover as they embody God's infinity and creativity.

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