Teressa Mahoney Releases Most Personal Album To Date, 'Disillusions'

Sep 06 2021

Colorado singer/songwriter Teressa Mahoney has just released her most personal album to date. "Disillusions," which comprises of 8 new songs, is her own personal journey of discovering what is truthful and meaningful in her own life. As a result, the new record contains songs that are honest, powerful, and relevant. "Always You" is about her relationship with God, "American Elegy" is about what it means to be American, and "Good Good" is about seeing and accepting people no matter our differences.

Mahoney reveals, "This album is my bravest musical expression.In the last five years, I've learned some powerful lessons. I was raised with particular convictions, but I've looked outside that bubble and seen how other people are affected by that thinking. I felt like I was betraying people staying with those beliefs, so I began questioning everything. If all of that was not truth, then what is truth? This album is about that process."

Another highlight of the album is "She." The song came about with her own struggle of accepting who she really is."`She' is a song about embodiment. As I talk with and listen to people, especially women, I find that it is common to experience discontent with our bodies. We always seem to be wishing they were different than they are. Maybe they're too big, maybe too small, maybe too squishy, maybe too tired. The onslaught of images we see in media can cause us to feel like we somehow got the raw end of the deal with the body we ended up with.
In the past year or so, I have been realizing what an amazing gift my body is.

I have started referring to `her' instead of `it.' I have begun to intentionally listen to what she has to say. From simple things like being thirsty or cold to actually feeling my feelings in my body (like a pit in your stomach when something is wrong). I have practiced staring in the mirror and smiling at her. It sounds strange, but it I found it hard at first. Radically accepting my body as she is has changed things for me. I wanted to capture the freedom and delight this new way of thinking has brought to me in a song, and `She' was born."

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