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Teressa Mahoney, a singer/songwriter, in Colorado, USA, has released her new song 'Wondering (Deconstructing)', produced by Terrance Howell, Jesse Wood, & Stuart McCloud of Revival Music Company.

'Wondering (Deconstructing)' was written as an anthem for those experiencing religious and spiritual deconstruction.

“I remember when I first started questioning how Christians present themselves… how lonely it felt to question what I believed in,” exclaims Teressa. “I wanted to write a song so people could start talking about these things because I think they are very important issues.”

Teressa writes insightful, thought provoking songs...
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Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)
Jul 08 2019

Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)

On the heels of her highly-anticipated 2019 release, Beyond, Teressa Mahoney releases a new single, Not a Love Story. This song is based on the true story of two people meeting, getting married, and falling in love - in that…

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