Rikki Doolan Releases Debut Album 'God of Colours'

Aug 09 2021

Fresh new sound from Rikki Doolan with his debut album “God Of Colours” and what an album. Rikki isn’t new to the music scene as after many years as a club singer, in 2012 Rikki stumbled across worship music coming from a church as he was passing by after a night of drink and drugs which was his lifestyle back then. As he listened to the music coming from the church God intervened in his life in a miraculous way.

He went into the church drawn by the beautiful worship music and soon after, his life took a 360 turn away from the life he had been living, to a renewed way of living, that brought him to a place of understanding how much Rikki was loved by God. Rikki found that worship music was a music lifestyle he wanted to be part of and share with others the transforming power of Jesus Christ, which he has been doing through his music ever since.

This debut album is a very special tribute to the God who showed Rikki the beauty that life could be “God of Colours” begins with a very stirring upbeat track aptly titled “Celebrate” this whole album is a celebration to the Glory of God. A God who is close to us all, a God who celebrates in each one of us and for that reason and many other reasons Rikki through “God of Colours” celebrates God.

The opening track is followed by the first of a pre released single from 2020 “Rock This Place” in a rock genre where Rikki’s vocal sits in a happy place. Rikki’s love of Rock Music can be felt and heard loud and clear throughout this track and others throughout this album. This Gospel Rock N Roll element is clear within Rikki’s song writing, delivery and production. As a guitarist Gospel Rock N Roll is a clear fixture.

“Just One Touch From The King” is what it says on the can, Just one touch from the King/Changes everything. Rikki’s life and testimony show a living proof of how Just one touch from the King can change everything. As you listen to this album it is Rikki’s prayer that things will change in your life in whatever area you need change. Rikki declares many lands throughout this track shouting out “Oh, land hear the word of the Lord”. The message from this track is very timely, as our lands need a word and touch from the King.

“God of colours” the title track of the album portrays and delivers a clear message from the beginnings of creation from the darkness and a void God created incredible colour and this birth of colour is what God does within the heart and life of every person who trusts in Him. He colours our lives and sets us free, radiating life with us. Jesus said “I AM the Way the Truth and the Life. The vocals and the instrumentation throughout this track are bursting forth with colour in every sense.

“If I Didn’t Have You” vocally could easily be compared to the amazing raspy vocals of Brian Adams. The lyrics are powerful throughout this track with a very important message weaving through the chorus, “I don’t know what I’d do/I don’t know where I’d be/If I didn’t have you/Oh You, You always pull me through/You’re always there for me/Oh, I don’t know what I’d do/If I didn’t have you”.

“We Love You” begins with a driving beat building into a beautiful chorus “We Love You/Oh, Lord we love You” the vocals hang in the air anticipating the next driving verse into a more rousing chorus “We Love You/Oh Lord we do” This track carries a most poignant message that wraps around this whole album. Wonderful track.

There are also a few untitled instrumental tracks for you to enjoy within this album, carrying a Rock sound. Short but great inclusions.

The album closes with a declaration towards God that He is greater than words can describe or define. Rikki’s goal is always to point others to God, this album fulfils that goal and aim. “God of Colours” leaves you with the message that God is greater than words can say. This album directs your attention to God.

A wonderful Debut Album From Rikki Doolan.

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