Melanie Waldman Releases 'What a Savior (Psalm 65)' Ft. Waterdeep

Jul 31 2021

Melanie Waldman announces the release of 'What A Savior (Psalm 65)' featuring Waterdeep. This is Melanie's third single from the upcoming 'Psalmsongs' album. 'What A Savior (Psalm 65),' is written by Melanie Waldman and produced by Lori Chaffer.

'What A Savior (Psalm 65)' is a modern hymn based on Psalm 65, where King David sings about the abundance of the Lord and His beauty displayed through His creation on earth. Waterdeep, the Nashville based duo of Don & Lori Chaffer, is featured on the single.

Melanie creates songs and cultivates worship experiences that help restore hope by reminding people who they are, and that God is still at work in their lives. She loves to tell people about the amazing miracles God has done in her life.

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