United Arab Emirates Based XPhactr Releases 'John 3:16-21'

Jul 12 2021

XPhactr is a Christian artist based in the United Arab Emirates who loves singing Scripture from the Holy Bible and setting it to relevant, contemporary music. XPhactr has just released first single, "John 3:16-21", featuring Julie Anne Mangubat & Ana Leayh Javier Cortez.

"XP" is made up of the Greek letters chi and rho, the first two letters of Christos, the Greek form of Christ's name. And a "Factor" is one who acts or transacts business for another, hence "XPhactr"

"As Christ's ambassador, I plan on reaching the world for Christ. I believe the Word of God can be a light of hope to a darkening world. I envision the Body of Christ being blessed and encouraged by my songs. And I hope and pray people who are unfamiliar with the Bible hear my songs and are inspired to seek out the Word, and God, for themselves."

XPhactr's single "John 3:16-21" debuted at #1 on the United Arab Emirates' iTunes Christian & Gospel chart in it's first week, and is currently at #20 in week 2.

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