Crosscut Collective Releases First Full-Length Album 'The Way'

May 22 2021

Crosscut Collective announces the release of their first, full-length album, "The Way." Over the last couple of months, they have released six of the featured songs as singles. The album includes ten songs, each featuring a different artist; such as Corey Voss, Rachael Nemiroff, Stars Go Dim, Caitie Hurst and many others. The Founder of Crosscut Collective, Methven Forbes (known as Mev) and Austin Cannon, who was also the producer, co-wrote on the songs alongside each individual artist.

Mev Forbes said, "I am excited about our first album, ‘The Way.’ Born from our own personal journeys and our inward outworking of our faith in Jesus, these songs are expressions of truth, of meaning and of the footsteps we each take in our walk with Christ."

Crosscut Collective is not a traditional approach to contemporary Christian music; it is not a specific band, nor is it a part of a single, local church that has evolved a reputation for producing music. Rather, it is composed of individuals who serve in different local churches across the world that have come together to collaborate around musical expressions of their faith. It’s a beautiful representation of the Kingdom of God, an intricate tapestry of God’s people that is not limited to borders or boundaries.

What defines Crosscut Collective is not so much a ministry of music as it is the coming together of people whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Cross and whose lives are dedicated to discipleship, following in the footsteps of Jesus. Crosscut Collective is an eclectic group of believers who are unashamed of the gospel and have found expression of their faith through the gift of music. Yet the focus is not the gift, nor the user of the gift, but the Giver of the greatest gift ever given to this world.

Co-writer and producer, Austin Cannon, said, "Working alongside Crosscut Collective over the past year has been an absolute thrill. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with so many talented and anointed artists who are passionate about using their gifts to further the Kingdom. When Mev first brought up the idea, I was skeptical to be honest. While I loved the idea of a project solely based on artist features who are all diverse in their own sound and artistry, I was unsure of how cohesive the record would actually be. And now after it’s all said and done, I couldn’t be more assured that each song fits perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. I’m hopeful this record inspires listeners and introduces them to perhaps a new sound or message they wouldn’t have heard otherwise."

"Working on the Crosscut Collective album was an honor. I feel so blessed to share this space with so many amazing artists," said co-writer and featured artist, Llyod Nicks. "I believe this project is an example of what we hope this world can be. A world where we can lay down our agendas and spread hope."

"It has been a rewarding experience working with other artists from around the world," said Mev Forbes. "Learning from others and seeing the inward life of Jesus expressed outwardly through words and music is always a blessing. Our singers, writers and music makers have all put Jesus first and have aspired to honor God in their contribution to that. When the world is full of examples of selfish gain and mirrored fame, the Church stands apart when we exemplify selfless disadvantage as we honor Christ and service one another in all that we do."

Crosscut Collective hopes that these songs, these testimonies, will inspire, encourage and add value to people’s lives. When the song comes to an end, it is their prayer that what continues is not the advancement of the writer or singer, but rather the elevation of Jesus and the advancement of His Gospel - His Kingdom here on earth.

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