Philippines Singer Mary Ozaraga Releases 'The Hour of the Son'

Apr 28 2021

Mary Ozaraga, from Cebu in the Philippines, has released her new single, 'The Hour of the Son'. The song is Alternative Rock/Indie with cinematic flair, with a little Symphonic Rock thrown in.

"It is like a call to be ready for battle as we live in the last minutes of the last days", explains Mary. "There is a consistent build up, hoping to get you on your feet, pumped up and be on guard. To create this sound and energy, I worked with the producer to create a brooding sound that builds up as the song progresses, keeping the imagery of battle horses galloping, triple beat mimicking the heart beat.

Trumpets & shofars create other melodic runs to beef up the cinematic sound all through out to really engage every heart to wake up."

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