Byron Woo's Rap 'Lord Knows' Shares His Personal Story

Dec 18 2020

Oakland based hip-hop artist Byron Woo, is not your normal up-and-coming rapper. After starting his career as a hip-hop music video director, Byron Woo has since moved from behind the camera to in front of the camera as the lead of the hip-hop collective group, Reclaimed Souls Collective. He honed his craft by working and observing in a community with multiple talented artists, bringing a harmony between video and his own music.

Byron Woo released his EP 'Reclaimed Souls 1' in 2020, featuring four songs. Those four songs have cumulatively received 45.5k streams! 'Lord Knows' has already received almost 10k streams.

Byron said, "Lord Knows is based on my own story of how I found God. I wrote this song as a way to remember my past but also to share my story with the youth at my church. My prayer and hope is that this song brings you some clarity that there is so much more to living this life here on earth. Sometimes we get lost in our lives trying to find that purpose; but sometimes it's those low moments in life that allow us to see the way towards the light."

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