Byron Woo Releases Singles 'Trust Me' & 'Waiting For You'

Oct 19 2020

Oakland based hip-hop artist, Byron Woo, is not your normal up-and-coming rapper. Byron’s evolution through the art of film and poetry allows him to express a deep and profound message he's proud to call his own. His music embraces the spiritual - telling stories of his past life, stories of redemption and stories of his strong faith.

Byron has released a number of singles this year, most recently, 'Trust Me' and 'Waiting For You'. He made "Trust Me" when COVID started making headlines and shelter in place began. During this time everyone started going crazy - going to the supermarkets and buying everything out - which is why the first few lines talk about “People going mad hoarding at the grocery store.”

Byron said, "It was chaos and madness and the whole time I just kept thinking how much this world needs Jesus. So I made "Trust Me" as a reflection but also my public declaration that Jesus is King and that now more than ever, more than all this chaos going in the world, we need to lean on Jesus. When everything in this world fails and turns to dust, it's the Word of God that stands forever. It's the love of Christ that has paved the way to real freedom and conquers all our fears. I wanted people to know that."

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