Ehbert Talice Releases New Singles 'Glory' & 'Contigo'

Nov 30 2020

Haitian born rapper Ehbert Talice has released two new singles, 'Glory' and 'Contigo', both accompanied by music videos. "'Glory' is about the Glory of God. That He would send His only son to die for us on the cross and because of Jesus we have life", explains Ehbert . "The athlete, the model, the basketball player, and the musician can do what they love to do. Or anyone who has a passion. Or something that they love to do. Has been given the chance to do that."

"'Contigo' is about how Jesus is always with us through everything. No matter what we might go through or what we might face. We can count on the Lord always."

Ehbert Talice released his debut gospel album in 2019. After dropping several projects in the past it was his first album as a gospel act. Ehbert Talice felt as if God called him to dive deeper late in 2017 and never looked back ever since. And as a result, 'Nahum' was born. 'Nahum' is the title of Ehberts album that released on October 13, 2019. His style is filled with both laid back and aggressive vocals about his triumphs and setbacks in life.

Ehbert uses very articulate and witty vocals to describe his faith and his walk with God. Not only is Ehbert a great rapper, he also produces all of his own music. "I make music because I truly love it. And I love God. So putting the two together gives me peace and happiness. There's nothing like knowing that God truly has my back in everything that I do."

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