Loulita Gill Returns With 'Poured Out' Album

Nov 19 2020

Loulita Gill, a singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Bristol, UK, releases her new worship album 'Poured Out' on 20th November 2020. The first two singles from the album have already been released, 'Grace and Mercy' and 'Spirit of God'.

In 2018 Loulita released her album 'The Last Twelve Years'. "Back in 2017 I felt 'I have to do something with this'", she explains. "Even though I was a wife and mum, with a fulfilled life, and I'd led worship for years in church, I knew that there was still a big part of my life that was missing. I had always dreamed of singing, writing, recording and releasing my songs. But you know how it is, as life goes on it can look like things will never happen. And so we give up on our dreams.

That’s until the night I emailed a friend who owns of a production company and asked if I could come and sing him a couple of my songs. A week later I was in the studio and 6 months later I released my debut album, The Last Twelve Years, followed by 7 singles.

I never anticipated the wonderful responses I received from people, or being featured on Christian radio worldwide, and playing in different parts of the world. It pushed me to release this second album, Poured Out. It’s literally a “pouring out” of my gratitude to God in response to His unfailing love in my life.

Apart from an artist, I'm a complex trauma survivor. It's hope that has kept me going. I had hope for a better future. Hope that all my horrible experiences would somehow be used for good. Hope that my life would make a difference to the people around me.

This is what you hear in my music. It’s what you can read in my book. I can’t wait to see where this all goes because I am convinced that it’s good and glorious!"

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