Allie Crummy Releasing 'Every Story Has an Author' EP

Nov 17 2020

Allie Crummy releases a new EP titled 'Every Story Has an Author' on November 20th. The first two songs, 'Balance' and 'On God Alone' are already available to stream now.

'Every Story Has an Author' is Allie's second project to release this year, preceded by first album, 'I Have Peace', which was released in April. This new four song EP explores the theme of paradoxes we find in the world and within God's truth. 'Balance' is about the importance of maintaining balance between sometimes seemingly conflicting truths like grace and justice or love and truth. 'Darkness/Beauty' is a meditation on the fact that people are made in the image of God, and therefore have some innate goodness, but also are profoundly impacted by the fall, and thus have a propensity toward wickedness. 'On God Alone' is an extrapolation on Allie's favorite psalm, Psalm 62, and 'Remain in Your Love' is the ever necessary prayer - that we would keep our eyes focused on God and His love.

"Every story has an author is a line from 'Darkness/Beauty', which ties the theme of all four songs together: no matter what we are seeing in life, no matter how beautiful it is or dark it may seem, we can always find rest in the fact that there is an Author above everything", explains Allie.

"We are all walking within a small page of the story He is writing. Keeping our eyes on Him, we can always find hope and beauty in the land of the living.

This EP is an expansion of my musical style from my previous release. It is more indie-folk and even folk-pop in vibe; but it also draws on my classical roots as it features a string quartet (which was a lot of fun to arrange!)."

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