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Allie Crummy, a singer-songwriter based in Des Moines, Iowa, releases her new EP, 'Those Other Psalms', on July 15th. The EP features four songs, each based on a lesser-known psalm (three of which are imprecatory psalms).

"I wrote these songs because I have sensed that we have a collective need for better faith vocabulary, especially as it pertains to our anger toward large scale injustice and violence", explains Allie. "It is not as though the Bible has nothing to offer in this area -- David gives us examples of visceral prayers to God, as he feels powerless to change things...
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Allie Crummy - Still Be You
Oct 29 2021

Allie Crummy - Still Be You

Allie Crummy releases her first collaborative single, "Still Be You" with Russ Mohr. "Still Be You" is Allie's final single release before her album, "Honesty", which releases in full in October. Allie has spent 2021 recording…

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