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19 Jun 2012

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Jesus Culture Music's singer/songwriter Heather Clark has released her new album Overcome featuring 11 worship songs. 

Heather lives in Kamloops, Canada, and as well as being a singer/songwriter, she is also a dancer/choreographer, painter and writer.

Heather travels internationally singing, leading worship and speaking. The album is recorded live in the Bethel Church and you get that sense of excitement from the moment the album kicks into life with the track Come In. The whole song is a big up-tempo worship song, once we get to the chorus the driving guitars explode into life with Heather singing out "Come In,...
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Jesus Culture's Heather Clark Releases New Album 'Overcome'

Jesus Culture's Heather Clark Releases New Album 'Overcome'

The latest album to come from Jesus Culture Music is singer/songwriter Heather Clark's new release 'Overcome', out this week. The album features 11 worship songs that create an atmosphere of intimacy with God and a love for His…

Heather Clark

Heather Clark

Singer/songwriter Heather Clark recently released her new album 'Overcome' with Jesus Culture Music. We caught up with Heather to find out the story behind this intimate worship album, and to discover more about this talented…

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