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We Are


04 Sep 2015

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The City Harmonic have produced two quality albums to date that are a real joy to listen to, and two albums that have become firm favorites in my household. Now they are back with their third release 'We Are'.

It always feels like The City Harmonic are comfortable in their musical skin. They seem to produce songs and albums that they are proud of and are happy to share with the world. This album is no different.

Tracks like We Are One, All Of This & More and Shout are what I would describe as upbeat classic City Harmonic songs. They...
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The City Harmonic
Featured Artist

The City Harmonic

To fully understand The City Harmonic, you have to take a look at the city and season that made this band possible. A real time: 2007. A real place: Hamilton, Ontario, a blue-collar steel town withering in decline, with high…

Featured Album: The City Harmonic - We Are

Featured Album: The City Harmonic - We Are

In the next in our series of featured albums, we look at the latest release from The City Harmonic, titled 'We Are'. Raucous, award-winning band, The City Harmonic, known for its eclectic modern hymns and worship anthems…

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