• ToddZero - Kid Heart


ToddZero - Kid Heart

ToddZero - Kid Heart
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Track Listing:
1 - Kid Heart
2 - You Really Love Me
3 - Daddy's Broken Down Car
4 - Rewind
5 - Make it Home Tonight
6 - I'm Going to Sing Really Loud So He Hears Me
7 - When Love Comes Riding By (Hosanna)
8 - That's Alright, Adonai
9 - Death
10 - Go
11 - Rise
12 - We Will Win
Title: Kid Heart
Artist: ToddZero
Type: Album
Format: CD
Released: 04 Jun 2013
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It was back in April 2012 that I first found out about ToddZero, who was known as ToddO back then, with the release of his debut EP '1234567'. What an amazing EP it is, and when I listen to it now I still love those songs, it is well worth…

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