Brandon Heath - Blue Mountain


Blue Mountain


09 Oct 2012

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Over the years I've had mixed feelings about some of the albums from Brandon Heath. Some I've been a massive fan of, others I haven't been so sure about. But with this new release, titled Blue Mountain, Brandon has produced his most sublime album yet. There is a real maturity in the songwriting that flows in the creative lyrics of the songs. It feels to me like Brandon has produced an album that he has always wanted to write.

The tracks on the album work well together and in a way that doesn't make it easy picking a standout track. Each...
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Brandon Heath To Release Fourth Album 'Blue Mountain'

Brandon Heath To Release Fourth Album 'Blue Mountain'

Singer/songwriter Brandon Heath will release his fourth full-length album, 'Blue Mountain', on 9th October 2012. The 12-track project, produced by Dan Muckala, merges modern music-making and ancient tones, taking listeners on a…

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