Manafest Releasing New Album 'This Is Not The End'

AdvertNov 18 2019

Rapcore Christian Rock Hip Hop Artist Manafest, originally from Toronto Canada and now living in California, releases his new album, 'This Is Not The End' on December 13th. Explaining the album's title and theme, Manafest writes, "The battle that you may be fighting right now is not going to take you out but make you stronger. The best is yet to come as long as you don't give up my friend. If you can look up, then you can get up, so keep fighting!

I look forward to heaven, but while I've still breath in me, I'm going to keep preaching Christ's message of love and being a Fighter around the globe! Which of course leads me to why I'm making this album. We live in some dark times, and I want to use my platform to shine the love of Jesus and bring hope. We are info overloaded and truth starved generation. Music allows me to open up conversations and talk about issues that are currently going on in our society."

The artist, real name Chris Greenwood, says of the new album that he hopes "to create the best rock/rap album I've ever done and spread hope and inspiration to as many people around the globe as possible. This requires a great team so I've teamed up with my friends Trevor McNevan from TFK / IAMTHESTORM, super-producer Doug Weier, Joe Rickard (In Flames, RED), Ryan Clark From Invisible Creature/Demon Hunter, and last but not least my beautiful wife Melanie Greenwood and our daughter London who make their first singing debut."

"Making a great song is a challenge in itself, starting with the songwriting. We put the lyrics under a microscope, ensuring the words are clear and also sing in a catchy melody. Then Doug & Joe dig deep for the most original synth sounds and create the best riffs we can for the music production. Then I can sing on top of this epic production, and it gets mixed and mastered ready to serve you!"

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