David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Live Tour
Last modified: 20 Nov 2008

David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Live Tour
Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of live albums and I honestly doubt that I ever will be. I love seeing a band play live, the atmosphere & sheer volume of a gig, the different people around you, the energy of the band and that overwhelming sense that just about anything could happen. This feeling just can't, in my opinion, be conveyed by a live album, the screams of a thousand people when the band take to the stage & the applause after each song really doesn't add to the music and can sometimes detract something from an otherwise good song.

However, I am a big fan of the David Crowder Band, they were our Artist of the Month last month and their last album, "Remedy", was the best album of the year, as far as I'm concerned. So could this album be the one to change my opinion of live albums? Sadly, no. Each track on the album is amazing, pure brilliance at times, but you are quite likely to have their last few albums so you're gaining nothing new. After the initial screaming and clapping the mix of fans singing is very low and the recording does sound very polished, you do also get a DVD of the gig, which, I believe, is far better than a live CD. The DVD at least allows you to watch the band on stage and some of the crowd watching, unfortunately there seem to be very few camera options, the editing is a little 'samey' and uncreative and the visuals are nothing special or exciting.

I truly hate being negative about any album and try to find the best in everything. David Crowder Band are great at pulling out creative songs for their albums, in this instance it feels as though they are trying to wring out the last few ounces of life from what was, and remains, a classic album in "Remedy"; and I don't use the term 'classic' lightly. I do regret being negative about this album, and obviously it is only my personal opinion, I just feel that it doesn't add anything to their previous albums. As I said, I'm not a fan of live albums so this album would have had a long way to go to win me over completely, however, in reality I don't believe it ever came close. I shall have to wait for their next new offering and hope for a return of the creativity that we know and love.

Review by Jono Davies

Jono rating 1 out 5 Stars

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