Out Of The Ashes Release Festive Single & Video 'The Tired Donkey Song'

Dec 12 2017

Gloucestershire-based jazz/blues/gospel act Out Of The Ashes have released a festive single called 'The Tired Donkey Song'. Having gained support from BBC Radio 2 for the bluesy ‘Good Place’ and toe-tapping ‘Love Your Neighbour’, as well as ‘The Right Place’ and ‘Blackbird’, the band have clearly had a bit of a party on this most recent offering, just stopping short of throwing in the kitchen sink. There’s a lively brass section and a Gospel choir, and the song has been described as ‘ridiculously catchy’.

They’ve even recruited some leading Hollywood stars for their latest video - albeit in Lego form - and viewers can watch the nativity story played out by such household names as Frodo Baggins, Yoda, Indiana Jones and even Darth Vader. Anyone who takes themselves too seriously could be well advised not to listen to the song and should certainly avoid even the smallest clip of the video.

Says Penny Lyon, lead singer from Out of the Ashes "Our Lego cast in the movie has been heavily influenced by the characters available in our son’s lego set, but, nonetheless, our aim with the song is to remind people of what Christmas is actually about. It’s so easy to lose ourselves among mince pies, presents and partying - it’s easy to forget that Jesus who is the central character at Christmas, wants to be the central character in our lives. We hope this fun song and equally fun video will bring a healthy serving of joy to the world."

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