Interview: End of year chat with - Chip Kendall

Dec 26 2017

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we're catching up with some of our favourite artists for a quick fire interview about their highlights of 2017 and plans for 2018. Check out the latest episode below, and keep checking back for more interviews this festive season.

Kicking us of is a quick chat with Chip Kendall!

What was you favourite part of 2017

Taking my son on a surprise trip to the official opening of the new Lego Museum in Billund, Denmark.

What was your favourite album of 2017?

Galactus Jack - Younger Days

Are You looking forward to any new releases from artists in 2018

Chip Kendall - Invisible World

Who would you love to see release new music in 2018.

Brian (B) Reith , Solomon Olds & dcTalk

What does 2018 hold for yourself.

New album, leading the historyNOW youth & young adults tour to Israel (August), gigs in Norway, discipling a new generation of wild, outta control Jesus freaks.

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