David Crowder*Band Confirm New Album Track Listing And Artwork

Aug 08 2009

David Crowder*Band have confirmed the track listing for their new album, 'Church Music.' The album, due for release on 22nd September 2009, will also feature retro artwork. Lead singer David Crowder recently confirmed that all the songs will flow seamlessly into one another, suggesting that the album will be similar in style to their previous records 'Illuminate' and 'A Collision.'

The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Phos Hilron {Hail Gladdening Light}
02. Alleluia, Sing
03. The Nearness
04. Light and Shadows
05. Eastern Hymn
06. SMS(Shine)
07. The Veil
08. We Are Loved
09. All Around Me
10. How He Loves
11. Can I Lie
12. Birmingham (We Are Safe)
13. Church Music, Dance [!]
14. What A Miracle
15. Oh Happiness
16. God Almighty, None Compares
17. In The End [Oh Resplendent Light]

Article by J Alexander.

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