Out Of The Ashes Release Second Album 'Love Can Be A Bumpy Road'

Mar 17 2015

Out of the Ashes, a pioneering couple from Gloucestershire, England, have released their long awaited second album, 'Love Can Be A Bumpy Road'.

Using music as part of their mission to stand for joy, healing and love in the church; the duo have been energising weary Christians and rejuvenating ailing congregations.

From local gigs and encouraging local Sunday church services, to blogging and radio and TV appearances; Out Of The Ashes comment on incisive topics that cut to the heart of the daily struggle that most Christians face, bring hope and energy that God has a plan for us all.

Having honed their craft for eight years at the helm of the Beacon Gospel Choir, Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn are returning with their first album since acclaimed 2012 release 'The Garden'.

The duo returned to the studio with producer Andy Baker (Philippa Hanna, Daughters of Davis) in 2014. The sessions became 'Love Can Be A Bumpy Road', a passionate and personal collection of songs.

'Love Can Be A Bumpy Road' Track Listing:
1. That's What Love Can Do
2. The Right Place
3. Snake Bite
4. Love Can Be A Bumpy Road
5. Pick Yourself Up
6. Rebel
7. Let Me Breath On You
8. Love Your Neighbour
9. Two Step
10. In The Bible
11. Ain't Done Yet
12. Closer To You

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