Ian Yates Releases New Album 'DNA'

Jul 21 2014

The new album from Liverpool based worship leader Ian Yates, titled 'DNA', is released today through 7Core Music.

Co-produced by Ian and Trevor Michael (Delirious?, Trent, Phatfish), the album is described as "mixing elements of The 1975, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and U2... rock filled passion at it's best".

Discussing his new album in an exclusive interview with LouderThanTheMusic, Ian said, "These songs are taking awesome biblical truths and declaring who we are, whose we are and what God has done for us. They are also about exploring what it means to live in this amazing relationship with a Triune God (Father, Spirit, Son) and what it means to live in the fullness of God.

They explore some basic but often forgotten amazing truths about being a child of God. We are free, we can enjoy a 24/7 relationship with the Godhead, that we are in a constant union with Christ, despite how we feel or our experiences. The album declares that in Christ we are clean, forgiven, accepted, loved, chosen, designed to reign in life, made innocent, that we can see change and we can see lives come to the know that God loves them."

The album includes first single 'Fullness' which has already been receiving air-play. "Fullness is big, loud and full of energy", says 7Core. "The song talks about Gods pursuit for His creation and how we now live in the fullness of Christ."

'DNA' Track Listing:
1. Freedom Song
2. The First Day
3. Christ In Me
4. Innocent
5. Fullness
6. God I Need You
7. Rescued Me
8. We Remember
9. Spinning
10. We Enjoy You
11. We Stand

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