Sanctus Real - Run
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Sanctus Real - Run
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Run is the sixth studio album from Sanctus Real. Produced by Chris Stevens (TobyMac), Jason Ingram (Brandon Heath), and Seth Mosley (Newsboys) this album is the follow-up to their 2010 Grammy nominated 'Pieces of A Real Heart'.

Frontman Matt Hammit shares, "We've devoted the better part of our lives writing songs that we pray will matter. Hearing countless stories of how God has used 'Lead Me' to heal brokenness in families has been both humbling and inspiring.". It's great to see these themes coming out throughout the album.

Opening title track Run begins with a guitar sound that resembles a certain U2 guitarist, and this catchy song has an appealing foot-tapping chorus of "You got to run run run, into the arms... of love". I'm sure this song will be popular with the Sanctus Real fans, as it does everything you expect from a great rock pop song.

The tempo of the album then takes a massive down turn from the 'up and at them' opener to the mid tempo 'On Our Own'. For me it takes a while for this track to spring to life. It's not until the middle 8 of the track that the band try some interesting sounds and beats to make the song sound full and exciting.

Pounding drums are called for during the track 'Promises', and this track has much more going for it. I love the lyrics in this one, talking about the promises God has for us, and even when times are hard we must hang on to those promises.

I also love the sound that appears on 'Pray'. A quiet piano lends itself to the opening verse, but this isn't a slow ballad and given time it bursts into life. 'We Will Never Give Up' is about not giving up when we are "Pressed on every side" with the chorus being a simple but important message to keep to: "You are the only way... We will never Give Up". A banjo is played during the song, but rather than being over powering or sounding like another Mumford & Sons carbon copy, it's a little snippet of the sound which is the flavour of the moment.

'Commitment' and 'Keep Me Young' are two very good mid-album songs, both solid but not necessarily jumping out as standout tracks. What I can say is that the vocals on these tracks, and the whole album, are very solid and should be commended.

The album closes with a very good song called You Are God, which is about declaring that God is ruler over everything. The chorus is a simple but powerful cry of "You are God, You are God, You are God, You are God". There is some lovely guitar work on this song, with the chorus sounding like there should be thousands singing together "Let God's will be done and not mine". Amen.

This is a solid album by Sanctus Real and the best part is actually the themes running through it. It's an album that puts God at the centre in regards to lyrics and themes. The music is solid, the vocals are solid, but most of all - the lyrics are true and honest about who God is and what He has done for us.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Nothing Between
You Are God
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