David Crowder Band To Finish In November

May 23 2011

David Crowder Band have surprised their large following of fans with the announcement that the band is to finish following the release of their sixth album, due for release on 27th September 2011, and their 'The 7 Tour' which finishes on 13th November 2011 in Jackson, Mississippi.

In a statement on their website, the band said "We began conversations about what was to follow this sixth album. Some of us discussed maybe going back to school. Some of us talked about how great it might feel to be home with family more. Some mentioned maybe writing for a living, or at least getting to give more attention to it. Some talked about more music to be made and who they might enjoy making it with and how great it would be to have more diverse options open to them... And, out of these discussions, the decision was reached that this sixth album would be our last."

Turning their attention to what will happen following the band's closure in November, the statement continues, "None of us is sure what's next, but we're not afraid. We're, in fact, really, really excited! And we're sure that music will play a role in the future for most, if not all, of us, since, well, we wouldn't know how to not have it a part of our lives. To what extent that will be, none of us is sure. We are hopeful and expecting, and praying that what is ahead of us deepens our need and experience of redemption and multiplies our ability and effectiveness in expressing the story of God in light of the call he has on each of our lives. We are forever grateful for the support we have had from our church community, both local and extended. Really. It has been beautiful, all of it. And we will most definitely keep you informed as things progress and life's new twists and turns start to make themselves more apparent."

Crowder will kick off their final tour, 'The 7 Tour', on 28th September in Austin, Texas, with support from Gungor, John Mark McMillan, and Chris August. Before then the band will be performing at a number of one-off concerts and summer festivals around the USA, and will make possibly their final ever performance outside the US when they appear at the UK's Big Church Day Out event in West Sussex on 28th & 29th May.

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