David Crowder*Band - Summer Happiness
Last modified: 08 Sep 2010

David Crowder*Band - Summer Happiness
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David Crowder*Band have always done things a little bit differently over the years, always pushing themselves and doing things a bit out of the ordinary. They have now released a four track EP titled Summer Happiness. Each track on this album is an acoustic rendition of the studio versions of the song. The four tracks are taken from the amazing album Church Music, which released last year and made a major impact with fans, it was also a favorite at Louder Than The Music. 

The EP kicks off with the powerful Alleluia, Sing which is a wonderful version of this already great song. It takes a lot of hard work to make a fast song sound exciting and sturdy with just an acoustic guitar and vocals and this is done with style and quality.

Next up is How He Loves, which was a favorite at the summer festivals this year, wherever I went during Soul Survivor it seemed to be playing out of some speakers, a great soft song sounding more intimate as an acoustic version. 

Oh Happiness and Shadows both have similar sounds to their studio versions which is a clever thing as they're both more acoustic now. Dave Crowder Band have worked hard to put these songs together and for them to still sound full and interesting.

It's great to hear different versions of these well known songs from the amazing album Church Music. If you fancy some clever acoustic songs done to a high quality maybe it's time for some Summer Happiness.

Review by Jono Davies

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How He Loves
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