Manchester's Audacious Set For New Album 'Overflow'

Aug 05 2010

Audacious, the worship band from Audacious City Church in Manchester, England, will release their latest CD 'Overflow' on 7th September 2010. The album features songs such as 'Spacious Places', 'Overriding Love', 'Born For This' plus title track 'Overflow'.

The band is firmly rooted in church life, with band members also serving in their various roles as Kids, Youth, Student and Young Adult Pastors. The band also lead the worship for Audacious Conference, where thousands of youth from churches across the UK join together each summer for incredible worship and power packed ministry.

"The latest Blockbusters rise and fall according to how good the soundtrack is. Have you ever been passing through a mall and heard a song playing in the background and been instantly transported to a time in your past? Our lives have their own soundtrack. There
are songs that deserve to take pride of place in our personal 'Top 10'; songs that define us, songs that help us decide the people we want to be and the life we want to live. We believe that 'Overflow' will be the soundtrack to the next season of your life. Play them loud, live them louder. We were born for this!"
say Glyn & Sophia Barrett from Audacious.

'Overflow' Track Listing:
Overriding Love
Spacious Places
Kingdom Come
Unveil My Heart
You Are All We Want
Born For This

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