Audacious Church Releases New Kids Praise Album 'God's Awesome Rescue Plan'

Jul 05 2017

Following on from the success of their first two kids albums 'Way of the Brave' and 'Lift Off', Audacious Church released 'God's Awesome Rescue Plan', during their Father’s Day services on June 18th, 2017.

The 13 track album is filled with practical and inspiring lyrics to empower children in their everyday lives, as catchy melodies and infectious beats deliver the message of faith and hope in a fun way for all. ‘God’s Awesome Rescue Plan’ is an upbeat dance song that will quickly have children understanding the mission and commission of Jesus, whilst slower songs like ‘Complete’ lovingly encourage a personal relationship with Him. Many of the songs are based on their original regular Sunday curriculum, as written by the !Audacious Kids team.

If the pre-release at Big Church Day Out was anything to go by, this album will be a huge success and resource for churches all over the UK and beyond, as songs like ‘I’m a Hero ’ and ‘ He’s Good ’ received incredible acclaim from old and young alike.

"For us, these are far more than just songs. These are well crafted, faith shaping, cross-generational vehicles to bring an atmosphere conducive to God-encounters and personal breakthroughs. Not to mention, they help our kids to learn the ancient truths of the Bible in a really fun way" says Glyn Barrett, Senior Pastor.

The album is a brilliant kick starter for helping families and kids workers alike to engage young hearts in praise and worship. In addition to it’s release, Audacious has also provided a web page containing lyric videos and downloads to backing tracks of the entire album to support use at home and in other local churches. Simply visit and access the exclusive content.

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