Free Download Of 'Start A War' From Lindsey

Jan 28 2010

Singer songwriter Lindsey, who featured heavily on Louder Than The Music all last week, is making her song 'Start A War' available as a free download. The talented British singer recently released her debut album 'This Is Lindsey', and the the track 'Start A War' has just been put on the A Playlist at Cross Rhythms Radio Station in the UK.

Picked as the stand out track of the album in the LTTM album review, the song was described by our reviewer as "one of the best songs I have had the honour of hearing these last few years. The track begins with appealing soft vocals leading into an astounding aggressive lyrical rant, and if this is where Lindsey is leading towards in style and creativity she is on the right track."

Talking about 'Start A War' herself, in an interview with LTTM, Lindsey said, "the song started off lyrically as a story about an argument, or war, between a couple. Then one day I just changed the ending and just ranted about all that I felt was wrong with the world, making it about war on a larger scale and me taking on the world. That's why I like the song so much, it's a bit of a spew up of emotions, not necessarily making much sense but yet making all the sense in the world."

Download the song here.
Watch the video here.

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