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British based singer songwriter Lindsey came up with an innovative way of funding her independent debut album 'This Is Lindsey'. By pioneering her 'Pick an Orange Project' she allowed fans to invest in the making of the album in return for a percentage of her profits. Each 'virtual orange' represented one song on the album and fans bought segments of the orange for £100 each, raising over £12k in just 5 months. With this stunning album now released, LTTM found out the intriguing story behind it all.

You funded your debut album in a very innovative way, how did you come...
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LTTM Lindsey Week
Jan 18 2010

LTTM Lindsey Week

As you probably know by now, here at LTTM we are always keen to promote new artists, especially talented ones who are doing their own thing without the backing of a big record label. Recently we became aware of one British…



Lindsey - This Is Lindsey
Jan 20 2010

Lindsey - This Is Lindsey

Getting e-mails always make me smile, yet a large percentage of e-mails are spam and a waste of time, but one special day the wonderful Lindsey e-mailed me to ask LTTM to review her latest album This Is Lindsey. This made me…

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