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Carlos Whittaker has released his new album 'Fight'. The ten-track album includes songs like 'In The Arms' and 'New Song'.

"The album is called Fight, and that's just what I intend to do," Whittaker posted on his Ragamuffin Soul blog. "I'm tired of the Church just staying metaphorical. If I say it's time to fight, then man, I'm going to get into a real fight!"

"Worship is war," he tweeted. "And war is ugly. And ugly is what God makes beautiful. And beautifulness is what leads us to worship. See the cycle? Let's fight."

Carlos describes himself as "an artist, pastor, thinker, experience...
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Carlos Whittaker - Fight
May 20 2013

Carlos Whittaker - Fight

Keen viewers of LTTM will know I'm a fan of Carlos Whittaker. Whenever I listen to this singer/songwriter I always enjoy the way this guys uses his voice to tell a story. But it's been a while since Carlos released his…

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