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Denver, Colorado, indie artist Teressa Mahoney has released a remix and music video for her song 'Kairos'. The original version of this song appears on her album, 'Beyond', released earlier this year. This new version was remixed by Julie Odnoralov.

"I woke with a hint of a glimpse of You; felt like Moses, when he saw Your back as You came through." - from Kairos

Kairos is a song about the thin places. Places where the unseen feels almost tangible. Teressa explores her experiences with such things in this thought-provoking song which...
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Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)
Jul 08 2019

Teressa Mahoney - Not A Love Story (Single)

On the heels of her highly-anticipated 2019 release, Beyond, Teressa Mahoney releases a new single, Not a Love Story. This song is based on the true story of two people meeting, getting married, and falling in love - in that…

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