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Superchick will release their final album 'Recollection' on 29th October 2013. The CD/DVD features 5 new songs, 11 of their biggest hits from over a decade of ministry, and a DVD with 4 videos including one brand new video.

"Influencing a generation of young people to look to God to find their true identity and worth, Superchick became synonymous with positive image", says Inpop Records. "Superchick songs like 'One Girl Revolution', 'Stand In The Rain' and 'Cross The Line', found broad appeal not only in Christian music, but also with over 150 film, TV, and video game placements."

Picking up where their...
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Superchick - Recollection
Nov 15 2013

Superchick - Recollection

Superchick have released their final album Recollection, which is basically a greatest hits package with 11 of their biggest hits, plus 5 brand new songs. Also thrown into the pot is a DVD with 4 videos, including one brand new…


Superchick - Cross The Line
Jul 06 2010

Superchick - Cross The Line

Taken from their 2008 album 'Rock What You Got', our latest video of the week comes from Superchick with 'Cross The Line'.

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